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Full Service General Contractor Lic. #940729

Certified Small Business


Hamilton Pacific, Inc. is a full service nationwide General Contractor based out of Southern California. With an emphasis on integrity, we strive to achieve results that provide out Clients with quality and assurance that our projects will endure the test of time.


Founded on the principles of strength, excellence and innovation, we offer a diverse range of expert commercial construction services to a broad range of industries. Uncompromising quality, attentive client service and project management has made us one of the industry’s most respected full-service commercial construction companies.


Hamilton Pacific Inc.’s solutions are always the end product of well-organized coordination between consultants associated with the project, and a full understanding of what the issues are and how they can be most effectively resolved


Hard work, honesty and the desire to be a superior presence in a demanding industry have won Hamilton Pacific Inc. it’s reputation of quality and dependability.

Chris Hamilton, Founder and CEO

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